MINSOUL 5% Minoxidil Topical Solution With Procapil, 60ml

Minoxidil For Hair-Loss

Minoxidil was approved in 1979 in the United States as a treatment for high hypertension, as its action is vasodilating.
Minoxidil was marketed as a pill and was used exclusively in hypertensive patients. However, as an undesirable side-effect, Minoxidil reacted to hair growth and thickening of the scalp due to its effects.
Thus, in the early 90s, it was marketed as a lotion for alopecia treatment, with an initial concentration of 2% and later on 5% to combat androgenetic alopecia in men.
Ensoul minoxidil is an excellent product rich in procapsid and completely alcohol-free.
Most of the clients who have used the Minsoul have given excellent feedback about the product and termed it as one of the best hair fibre sprays in India.

Currently Ensoul Minoxidil 2% & 5% can be used by men and women, and also available over the counter and online COD from Ensoul. Ensoul minoxidil action is vasodilation, thanks to its vasodilator effect, promotes vascularization of the follicle root and therefore its oxygen supply.

Side Effects of  Minoxidil:

One of the undesirable side effects of baldness treatment with Minoxidil is hair growth in undesired areas as on the face or on the chest,
especially in women and itchiness, dry scalp, scalp flaking, and headache in men and women both.
It can also occur that in some clients the body hair lengthens, thickens and gets pigmented.
This takes place within three to six weeks after starting the therapy. Another particularly annoying side effect for women is the increase in salt and
water retention – temporary oedema developed in 7% of the clients.
All these side effects generally happen if the isopropylidene content in the minoxidil which is alcohol is more.
Due to the non-presence of alcohol and powered by procapsid, Ensoul minoxidil is compliant telly safe, side effect free.
Don’t forget to follow your doctor’s recommendations; applying or ingesting more Minoxidil than indicated will not provide faster results.
It can, however, increase the chances of adverse effects.
If you experience dizziness, chest pain, heart rate acceleration, breathing difficulties, inflammation in any part of your body, weight gain, irritation, or itching or burning
on the scalp that does not go away and is intense, checks with your doctor as soon as possible.
So, how good is Minoxidil? It is undoubtedly an effective option to slow down hair loss; its side effects are offset by the results.

Uses for hair growth:

Does minoxidil work? Minoxidil works by speeding up your hair’s growth cycle. For both men and women, hair follicles go through four different stages as each of your hair grows, rests and eventually sheds.

  • The anagen phase is the first phase in the hair growth cycle. During this phase, the hair grows from barely visible to its full length.
    This phase can last for years while your hair grows to its full length before starting to detach and shed.
  • The catagen phase. During this phase, the hair follicle begins to shrink and the hair eventually detaches from your scalp.
  • The telogen phase. Also known as the “resting” phase, during this stage, the old hair rests while new hair begins to grow under the skin.
  • The exogen phase. Also known as a “shedding” phase, this is when the old hair starts to fall out and the new hair breaks through the surface of your scalp to replace it. We at Ensoul believe minoxidil works by prematurely putting your hair follicles into the anagen phase,
    causing hair follicles to quickly go through the resting and shedding phases before they start to regrow.
    The result is a faster hair cycle, with resting and shedding hair quickly entering into the anagen phase and stimulating the growth of new hair.

You can almost think of minoxidil as a “reactivate” button that tells dormant hair follicles to start growing again.
Unlike many over-the-counter hair loss treatments, minoxidil is backed up by a large amount of scientific research
and at Ensoul we have developed an Ingenious product which is alcohol-free and powered with Procapil

In a 2014 study, researchers found that 5% minoxidil foam was effective at treating hair loss in men and women.
Other studies show that about 60% of men and women who use minoxidil report some level of new hair growth.

MINSOUL 5% Minoxidil Topical Solution With Procapil, 60ml
MINSOUL 5% Minoxidil Topical Solution With Procapil, 60ml

In short, while minoxidil isn’t a miracle cure for hair loss (depending on the severity of your hair loss,
you might not regrow everything), it’s proven to work effectively for both men and women as a hair loss treatment.

However, there’s a caveat to this. While minoxidil is highly effective at stimulating hair growth, it’s not a cure
for all causes of hair loss in men and women.

If your hair loss is caused by a nutritional deficiency or the use of another medication, minoxidil might not be the best solution.
It’s also remarkably easy to use, with no tablets or capsules to worry about.

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