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We are a company of Indian origin that started with the belief that true beauty lies in a healthy body, mind and soul – hence the brand Ensoul. We research & formulate exquisite personal care products especially hair care products that are effective in treatment & exceptional in quality.

We have years of experience and understand hair loss and hair thinning problems faced by our customers. These problems can be triggered due to genetics, general lifestyle and eating habits or through cosmetic products that are harmful to the scalp and skin. Our easiest and most effective solution is to introduce products with all natural and chemical free ingredients to solve hair loss problems.

Ensoul Hair Building Fibers are all natural and skin friendly and provide the best volume and density to cover your thinning hair. Ensoul Hair Fibers are Keratin based and do not contain any synthetic dyes, chemicals or preservatives. We do not use any ingredients derived from or tested on animals. Ensoul Hair Fibers are lab tested for presence of heavy metals that are harmful to the scalp and certified safe for daily use. 

Minsoul Minoxidil 5% enriched with Procapil is an alcohol free hair serum that is co-created with dermatologists, FDA Approved and clinically tested that helps to stimulate hair regrowth. Derma Roller helps to improve the absorption of this hair serum and improves circulation of blood to the scalp.

Our goal is to provide customers with the best solution for hair loss and hair thinning problems and boost confidence of our customers by delivering promised results.

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