ENSOUL Hair Building Fibers

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  • Covers Hair Loss and Bald Spots in 15 seconds (Does not grow new hair)
  • 100% Premium Natural Keratin Protein
  • Amazing Results for both Men & Women
  • Certified Safe for Daily Use
  • Wind, Rain and Sweat Resistant
  • Easy to apply and easy to remove
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Ensoul Hair Building Fibers cover up your thinning and receding hairline within seconds. These hair building fibers bond electrostatically with your existing hair and adhere strongly to make your hair look thicker and fuller and provides dramatic density and volume.

Ensoul Hair Building Fibers are made of the same premium natural keratin protein as your hair and have been precision cut into micro sized fibers to match the texture of your hair. These fibers are very light weight and hence blend seamlessly with your hair and are virtually undetectable to the naked eye thus giving you a natural look.

Ensoul Hair Building Fibers are rain, wind and sweat resistant and hence last for a longer period of time in all conditions. These fibers are easy to apply and can be removed easily with a shampoo.

Ensoul Hair Building Fibers are all natural, plant based, chemical free and certified safe for daily use for both Men & Women.

How to Apply

Step 1 : Wash & dry your hair before use. Comb and style as usual.

Step 2: Tilt the bottle at 45 degrees, gently shake or tap the bottle with fingers to dispense the fibers evenly over the thinning areas.

Step 3: Gently pat and disperse the fibers with a tissue to blend them into your natural hair.

Step 4: Finish with any Hair Hold Spray to secure the fibers in place.

To remove the hair fibers, wash your hair with a mild shampoo.


Q: What is Ensoul Hair Building Fibers? How does it work?
Ensoul Hair Building Fibers is a product made of 100% premium natural keratin protein that covers thinning areas and receding hairlines. These fibers blend with you hair electrostatically to make your hair appear thicker and denser in an instant.

Q: Who should use Ensoul Hair Building Fibers? Does it work for both men and women?
If your hair is thin and your scalp is easily visible and you want to add more volume and density to your hair, you can use Ensoul Hair Building Fibers. These fibers work equally well for both men and women.

Q: Can I use Ensoul Hair Building Fibers if I am completely bald?
No. We do not recommend to use Ensoul Hair Building Fibers if you are completely bald since the fibers bond with your existing hair to give an appearance of thicker and fuller hair.

Q: Are Ensoul Hair Building Fibers safe to use?
Ensoul Hair Building Fibers are all natural and made with 100% premium keratin protein same as your natural hair and hence do not cause any harm to your scalp. Ensoul Hair Building Fibers are FDA Approved and are also lab tested for presence of heavy metals that are usually responsible in hair products for any adverse side-effects.

Q: How long will Ensoul Hair Building Fibers last after application?
These hair fibers will last till you wash your hair thoroughly or shampoo your scalp.

Q: Can I use Ensoul Hair Building Fibers everyday?
Yes. Once you use this product and see the results and boost in your confidence, you will definitely want to use it daily.

Q: How long does a bottle of Ensoul Hair Building Fibers last?
Presently, Ensoul Hair Building Fibers are available in a packing size of 25 gms that will easily last around 30-45 days if used daily. It also depends on your coverage area.

Q: Do Ensoul Hair Building Fibers look natural?
Unlike other brands, the Black and Dark Brown colours from Ensoul India are specifically designed to suit the Indian hair texture.

Q: Can I apply Ensoul Hair Building Fibers on wet hair? Can I comb my hair after application?
Ensoul Hair Building fibers should be applied only on dry hair. If your hair is wet, the fibers will not blend properly and may also forms lumps. Yes, you can use a comb to set your hair after application. However, we recommend that once you set your hair, gently pat it down and set with your fingers and remove any excess fibers with a tissue. When you use a comb, the hair fibers will obviously stick to the comb due to the static charge. You can easily wash your comb with water, if needed.

Q: Will the hair fibers come off or run down along with sweat or wind? Can I go swimming with Ensoul Hair Fibers?
Ensoul Hair Building fibers are rain, wind and sweat resistant and will not come off or run down. However, swimming or heavy rains will cause the fibers to come off and hence we strongly recommend to avoid swimming and going out in heavy rains.

Q: Will Ensoul Hair Building Fibers come off on my clothes or if it comes in contact with any fabric in our daily use like chairs, sofa covers, pillow etc?
No. Unless you have applied the hair fibers in very excess quantity or are trying to forcefully rub it against fabrics, Ensoul Hair Building Fibers will not come off easily. You will need to wash your hair or shampoo it to remove the fibers from your hair.

Q: Will Ensoul Hair Building Fibers cause any irritation / itching or hair loss?
Since Ensoul Hair Building Fibers are 100% natural, they do not cause any irritation or itching to the scalp. Also these fibers are not responsible for any hair loss. If you are facing any hair loss issues, we recommend you to consult a dermatologist to find the root cause of your hair loss and take necessary treatment.

Q: I use hair serums / medications for hair loss treatment? Can I use Ensoul Hair Building Fibers?
Ensoul Hair Building fibers are all natural, non-toxic, chemical free and safe to use. It does not react with or interfere with the effectiveness of any serums or medications that you might be using.

Q: Does Ensoul Hair Building Fibers help in hair regrowth?
No. Ensoul Hair Building Fiber is merely a cosmetic product that is used to cover your thinning and bald areas that will only give an appearance of thicker and fuller hair. Hair fibers do not help in any kind of hair regrowth.

Q: I did a Hair Transplant recently? Can I use Ensoul Hair Building Fibers?
Yes. In fact, Ensoul Hair Building Fibers are the best way to cover your hair loss after the Hair Transplant procedure. Consult with your doctor on when can you start using hair fibers so that your scalp is first completely healed after the Hair transplant procedure.

31 reviews for ENSOUL Hair Building Fibers

  1. Shivraj

    Works amazingly. Easy to use. Provides great volume and density to hair.

  2. Vivek Sharma

    Superb product! Never expected such awesome result. Very easy to use. It works really well to hide my hair thinning very effectively and no one is able to tell that I have put something. Definitely worth buying!!

  3. Priyanka Chaudhary

    I am just loving this product. I bought the dark brown colour and it just blends with my hair effortlessly. Now I can style my hair in so many different ways without worrying about my hairline.

  4. Prashant Patil

    Nice product. I use it when I go to office everyday.

  5. Sajid Hussain

    I have used a lot of other brands in the last few years but the quality of Ensoul hair fibers is much better than the cheap brands available in the market.

  6. Sagar Khanna

    Must use product for thinning hair. Go for it!

  7. Vidya Rao

    I am a hair stylist and use this product regularly for my clients. Super impressed with the quality and my clients love the hair transformation.

  8. Mohd Shamim wani

    Please send 1 piece

    • Ensoul India

      Share your contact number or call @ 8530755551

  9. Imran khan

    This product is very good product. Tried other brands but ensoul hair fibers is the best.

  10. AS

    Nice full coverage..!!

  11. Shweta shinde

    Excellent product

  12. Gaurav

    Awesome Product..

  13. Shailesh

    Satisfied with the result .

  14. Pavan Patil

    Nice products, very useful and worth..

  15. Shiv

    Really amazing product I used whenever go out it helps me to look better

  16. Sonu Choudhary

    Happy with the product. Easy to use.

  17. kanhaiya K

    Very Useful product to hide baldness

  18. Kiran Doshi

    Amazing! Natural Look and easy to apply and remove. Thanks Ensoul India.

  19. K D Joshi

    What an amazing product. Gives me amazing natural look. Thanks Ensoul India. Service is also wonderful.

  20. Akshay jadhav

    Previously I was using Another brand micro fibers……then my friend suggested me ensoul micro fibers….Best product I have ever purchased…..Superb quality

  21. Vikas

    Very good product to cover bald spots/baldness. It’s very easy to apply and takes just few seconds. It looks natural after application and stays very long. Highly recommended. Worth the money.

  22. Munir

    Nice product. I use it when I go to office everyday and when I go to party and functions…

  23. Aslam Shaikh

    Never expected such great results. Have happily referred it to a lot of my friends.

  24. Rakesh Nair

    Amazing Product!!

  25. Sakshi Malik



    Very well marketed. Website looks cool

  27. Amit K


  28. Vijayan Vijayan


  29. Kliyikg

    Very good product

  30. Aftab Hussain

    9707049623 plz call me

  31. Neeraj kumar

    I want to purchase this item… but I have some quries can you pls. Clear

    • Ensoul India

      Please call / whatsapp on 8530755551 or write to us at

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