hair fibers before & after

 Hair Fibers: Use, Side Effects & Application

Hair building fibers, also known as hair fibers or hair concealers, are a cosmetic product used to thicken and cover thinning hair. They are made of small fibers that are electrostatically charged, which allows them to adhere to existing hair and create the appearance of thicker hair.

Since the hair fibres are made with organic vegetable extracts and cotton, rich with keratin protein and skin-friendly daily usage is never a contraindication of the Ensoul hair fibre.

Hair Fibers: Before & After
Hair Fibers: Before & After

Usage of Hair Fibers

They are typically applied by shaking the fibers onto the hair, and then using a hair spray or other styling product to hold the fibers in place. They can be used by both men and women and come in different shades to match the person’s hair color. Hair building fibers are considered to be a temporary solution for covering up thinning hair and should be used as directed by the manufacturer.

In Fact, we recommend daily usage of the product before stepping out.
It not only builds beauty on the scalp by giving a fuller look to the hair but also builds confidence in an individual and goes out without bothering about anything.
The natural finish of the keratin fibres has electrostatic bonds to get attached to the existing strands of the hair.

Side Effects

Few hair fibres which are cheaper in cost do use chemical agents for colour and product ingredients which sometimes cause itching on the scalp,
but Ensoul hair fibres are natural products and proven to be used on an everyday basis.

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The hair fibres are certified and approved by the drug and food association (FDA) and licensed to sell in India and abroad for daily usage.
Our regular users sometimes keep 1 spare bottle in the car and in their laptop bags in case they forget to apply it while stepping out.

Hair building fibers are applied by shaking the fibers onto the thinning areas of the hair. It’s important to apply the fibers to dry hair so that they will stick properly. The user can use a hair dryer to dry their hair before applying the fibers. After applying the fibers, the user should use a hair spray or other styling product to hold the fibers in place. The fibers are usually resistant to wind, rain and perspiration but it’s better to use a hair spray to secure the fibers. If a person wants to achieve a more natural look, they can use a hair styling tool like a comb or brush to blend the fibers into their existing hair.

ENSOUL Hair Building Fibers, 18gms
Ensoul Hair Building Fibers

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