Ensoul Hair Fibers

What are hair fibers?

Ensoul hair fibres are the purest form of natural keratin protein, the same protein that constitutes the hair’s structure.
The hair-building fibres are generally prepared and charged, forming an electrostatic bond once applied on the scalp, which gets
attached to the existing hair strands and gives a fuller look. The hair fibres powder can be applied to your hair and scalp to mask
the appearance of thinning hair or bald spots. Hair fibres are so popular because of how natural they look, flawlessly
mimicking the appearance of individual strands. The fibres cling to your strands, helping them to appear thicker and lay on your scalp
to help mimic the appearance of density.

Ensoul Hair Fibers
Ensoul Hair Fibers

How to apply hair fiber?

The best part? They’re easy to apply and even easier to remove. Just shake some fibres onto your trouble areas and head out the door!
Ensoul hair fibres come with natural colours of the hair, which is brown, dark brown, black etc. and can be used by both Male and Female
as a scalp concealer for hair-loss areas.

ENSOUL Hair Building Fibers, 18gms
Ensoul Hair Building Fibers, 18gms

Hair Fibers: Composition and Side effects

Ensoul hair fibers are made with organic natural keratin protein which are mostly vegetable extracts and using it everyday on the scalp and hair doesn’t have any possible side effects at all. Usage of it even twice or thrice a day is also feasible. And it washes off with even mild shampoos and even running water without even leaving any residue of it. Generally the electrostatic bond character of the keratin fibers gets attached to the hair quickly within 30 seconds of application and doesn’t contain any gluten or glue material substances which can cause irritations to the scalp. 

Hence we can use Ensoul hair thickening fiber everyday and scale up confidence levels while stepping out of the house. Its natural looking appearance on the scalp doesn’t attract onlookers and it cannot be detected at all.

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